Superhero of science


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Superhero of science

Tomas Zvolensky, 9 May 2019

#MakePublishingGreatAgain, #Frelsi, #OpenAccess, #SciencePublishing, #ElectricalEngineering, #PublishOrPublish

Deep down, we all want to become heroes, avengers, superwomen. In case of scientists maybe more like Einstein, Hawking, Feynman, or Higgs.

What credentials does superhero scientist need? Supercomputer-like brain, vast amount of practical experience, laser focus... These qualifications are secondary, believe it or not. Today, the most important ones are courage and imagination.

Courage, because to question and challenge the status quo takes guts. To withstand the critique of naysayers and established authorities is not easy.

Imagination, because to bring about a change requires inventive mind. To turn the wheel of change we need to be able to imagine it first.

Do you have the courage and imagination to stand out? Can you imagine a better way of how science should be reported? We did, what is your opinion though?


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